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20.03.2006 March 20th 2006

<p>A poster was presented at the VAAM 2006 meeting in Jena, Germany (Association for General and Applied Microbiology), see Publications.</p>[more]

18.03.2006 March 18th 2006

The Exploratory Workshop Marine Genomics meets Marine Diversity is announced.[more]

17.03.2006 March 17th 2006

<p>Major update of the webpage, job opportunity has been added.</p>[more]

01.02.2006 February 1st 2006

The first paper has been published in NAR, see Publications.[more]

15.01.2006 January 15th 2006

The first deliverables of the MetaFunctions project for workpackage 1 have been sent to the EU Commission.[more]

24.10.2005 October 24th 2005

The first press release for the MetaFunctions project is available:

Read press release

A short German text can be found in [more]

20.10.2005 October 20th 2005

The Kick-Off meeting for the MetaFunctions project was held at the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology, Bremen, Germany.[more]

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