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21.03.2007 March 21st-23rd , 2007

The MetaFunctions team held its 18-month review meeting. The project is running well and many software tools are being tested internally. Intensive exchanges are done between partners, especially between the Polish and German PhD students. For the publicly available Genomes Mapserver 2.0 see below.[more]

28.02.2007 February 28th 2007

Major update of our GIS system: the Genomes Mapserver 2.0 is now publicly available. For the first time, worldwide chemical and physical parameters are linked to the marine genomes and metagenomes. Check it out:

19.02.2007 February 19th 2007

Our new factsheet with graphs of three new software tools developed by the MetaFunctions team can now be downloaded

Metafunctions_Laser.pdf [more]

08.08.2006 August 8th 2006

Exporatory Workshop Report "Marine Genomics meets Marine Diversity" is now available. See Workshop section for more information.[more]

21.06.2006 June 21st 2006

Prof Jacek Blazewicz from Metafunctions partner Poznan Institute of Technology receives an honorary Doktorate at the University of Siegen with Prof. Rita Süßmuth as guest lecturer for the German-Polish Society.[more]

09.06.2006 June 9th 2006

International workshop at MPI-Bremen.
See Press Release and [more]

23.03.2006 March 23rd 2006

Six months MetaFunctions meeting in Poznan, Poland.

See Partner section for a group picture.[more]

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