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environmental and metagenomics:

A bioinformatics system to detect and assign functions to habitat-specific gene patterns. METAFUNCTIONS is a research project funded by the European Commission within Framework Programme 6 under the NEST – Newly Emerging Science and Technology Adventure initiative. The METAFUNCTIONS project, which started on 1 October 2005 is pooling expertise in bioinformatics, computer science, geographical information systems and marine sciences to develop a data-mining system that correlates genetic patterns in genomes and metagenomes with contextual environmental data. This innovative tool may enable scientists to infer functions and activities for sequenced hypothetical genes, thus providing a wealth of information about niche adaptations as well as new enzymes and proteins for medical and industrial use.

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July 21st 2008

Our third and final factsheet with illustrations of the GMS, as well as two new software tools developed by the MetaFunctions team can now be downloaded


Sept 2008

12:00 21-7-2008


October 29th 2007

MetaLook, our 3D visualisation software for marine ecological genomics, is now available at:http://www.megx.net/metalook

See also the MetaLook publication (open access)